Marketing skills

We offer consultancy into strategic marketing skills.

This covers topics as broad as:

  • Positioning -understanding what businesses want to be famous for?
  • Are you using the right channels to market?
  • How do prospects find you?
  • The communications and language of your business
  • Creating mailers and newsletters
  • Understanding the main differences between sales and marketing?
  • How well defined and segmented are your products or services?
  • How effective is your data base?
  • Running effective campaigns

Our aim is to help teams realise their potential, enhance their marketing capability, boost their efficiency, raise their profile and increase their revenue. Ultimately we will spend time listening to the Senior Managers and their employees in order to identify ways to grow your business and prioritise your marketing to maximise your ROI. This is often done on a workshop environment either with a business owner and other layers of the management team.

We provide our Marketing skills training in all major cities and surrounding areas such as: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Brighton, Liverpool and Bristol UK to mention a few.


To find out more about any of our marketing services contact us on: 020 8337 5937 or send an email to


“We contacted Gary from Milestone Experts to provide Client Engagement Training for our insurance account handlers. His unique style of engaging staff in the interactive workshops proved to be both stimulating and inspirational."

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