Customer service excellence is the heartbeat of your business

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Customer Service on the Telephone Training

Improving Client Retention through effective use of the phone…

What happens when a customer comes into direct or indirect contact with your company? The truth can be uncomfortable. But the results from improving that ‘Moment of Truth’ (customer interaction) will not only impact upon your bottom line – but add a lot more focus to the workplace too.

Sales may be the life’s blood of your company, but customer service is the heart beat that keeps that blood pumping. No matter how great your products are, no matter how competitive you are on price, if your Customer Service is poor you WILL lose customers. That means you will also lose money. Customers today are looking at more than price; they are shopping for experience, and a great customer service experience is at the top of their list. In today’s competitive markets, Customer Service determines the winners and losers.

We specialise in helping teams that work in the following areas:

Whether you have a Small Customer Service Team or a Contact Centre full of Customer Service Advisors we can definitely help you.

“Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.”- Earl Nightingale


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“We contacted Gary from Milestone Experts to provide Client Engagement Training for our insurance account handlers. His unique style of engaging staff in the interactive workshops proved to be both stimulating and inspirational."

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