Face to Face sales training that leads to better results

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Field Sales Skills Training that helps your Face to Face Team get better results and make more money from their appointments…

In today’s challenging times more and more businesses are looking for their Face to Face Teams to reach their sales potential. It has become more and more difficult to renew an existing client let alone win new clients.

High salaries, company cars, laptops and the increase in fuel mean that face to face sales teams can be seen as an expensive luxury. It is therefore vital that Field Sales Executives generate much needed revenue.

Gary Morgan’s Milestone Experts are the ideal choice to enable your business to maximise the potential of their Field Sales Staff. We use tried and tested proven sales methods to increase the revenue and profit of those we work with.

If you want to either get ahead or keep ahead of your competitors, then your face to face team must be able to use effective selling techniques.

Our training is much more than just theory. We offer fun, interactive and energising face to face training that motivates staff and increases both revenue and customer retention.

Gary Morgan and his Milestone Experts Team Increase your Sales through effective appointment making and selling skills and deliver field sales skills training courses to sell to either new or existing clients.

Some of the Telesales Training topics we cover with your teams are:

  • Preparing for an effective appointment
  • Introducing yourself and your company
  • Establishing your customers’ needs and desires
  • Asking effective questions
  • Effective use of the phone to get an appointment
  • Delivering the benefits of your value proposition
  • Closing more sales
  • Objection handling
  • Negotiation skills that result in a win-win solution
  • Cold calling confidently and without fear
  • Account Management
  • Managing time wisely
  • Effective communication skills
  • Initial and Advanced sales training
  • Prospect calling
  • Handling the gatekeeper
  • Understanding buying motives

These modules can be delivered as tailor-made in-house half and full day trainings, staff talks or as ‘bite size’ sessions, designed to fit into the busy day-to-day schedules of your Field Sales team staff.

If you would like your team to get better results from using the phone call us today on: 020 8337 5937 or email:info@milestoneexperts.co.uk


“We contacted Gary from Milestone Experts to provide Client Engagement Training for our insurance account handlers. His unique style of engaging staff in the interactive workshops proved to be both stimulating and inspirational."

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